Splunk Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) through life!


In today’s workplace, organizations face a constant challenge against sophisticated threats. Splunk Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response were designed to fight against threats that may arise. By automating tasks and orchestrating responses to security threats, you can make sure your organization is always ready to fight against any threats you may face and secure your digital assets with unparalleled precision.

What can you do with SOAR?  

How does SOAR work? With different aspects of the innovative way for Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response, you can automate so you innovate. Splunk wants to help you with every security task possible, and SOAR is an excellent addition to your security staff so that you can do just that.

Automate Manual Tasks so that you can make sure no alert goes by unchecked. You can automate security actions to execute a series of actions in seconds and instruct your sandbox to perform different actions if a particular alert is triggered. When you establish repeated procedures, your security analysts can focus on protecting your business from credible threats rather than having to look through each alert that may get triggered.

Make your team of four feel like an army when you automate repetitive tasks, investigations, and responses to increase efficiency and productivity to do more with less. By increasing automation, Splunk can provide faster response times, centralized investigations, and event management, increasing ROI (Return on Investment) and boosting productivity. McGraw Hill, a famous organization that provides customized educational content through online services for students of all ages, could automate 22 months (about 2 years) of work within the first six months of 2020 and resolve over 9,400 security events thanks to the automated response. McGraw Hill said that Splunk SOAR helped them consolidate their SOC (Security Operations Center), doing the work of ten tools in one place that is easily maintained. 

Respond to threats in seconds with Splunk SOAR, lowering your time to respond (MTTR) by increasing visibility and automating security tasks and workflows across your organization. By automating security tasks, Splunk wants to take you from 30 minutes to 30 seconds.  

Finally, SOAR and Enterprise Security provide end-to-end security operations through a SecOps platform to prevent, detect, and respond to advanced and emerging threats.

Supercharge Security with SOAR- What are some Super Features you can use?  

SOAR has features that can be explored to help you perform security tasks, work smarter, and respond faster to any threats. These features include:

The Main Dashboard shows you everything you need to see, such as all your data and activity, notable events, playbooks, connections with other security tools, workloads, ROI, and more! The screen can be filtered by data source, time, or user; widgets can be re-arranged or even turned on or off per specifications. The ROI summary even shows critical measures of the value of Splunk SOAR, such as the amount of time and money you can save.

Splunk SOAR Apps help you integrate with other security technologies by directing your security tools to perform actions such as checking a file’s reputation or blocking an IP. The app model supports integration with over 350 tools and 2800 different actions. All apps can be found on Splunk base. 

The App Editor makes it easy to view, text, and extend existing apps and create new ones from the SOAR interface. It is an easy and fast way to view and code, test actions, see log results, and troubleshoot while also gaining other information about how well your apps are working so that you can configure it however you see fit.

Splunk SOAR Playbooks automate security and IT (Information Technology) actions by executing a series of actions that roll across all your tools in seconds. Splunk SOAR comes with 100 pre-made playbooks, and the visual playbook editor makes it easier to create and implement your automated playbooks to cut down routine security tasks that take up security analysts’ time.

Within the Playbooks, you can discover distinctive features.  

  • The Threat Intelligence Management Indicator Enrichment playbook normalizes indicator enrichment to be able to view details and specify what actions can be taken within a single Splunk SOAR prompt for rapid manual response.  
  • The CrowdStrike Malware Triage playbook walks through steps automatically performed by SOAR to point out potentially infected devices and keep them away from the rest of the file hashes.  
  • The Suspicious Email Domain Enrichment playbook uses Cisco Umbrella Investigate to add risk score, risk status, and the domain category to the security event in Splunk SOAR so that there is a faster recognition of the purpose of any email sent. The domain will be analyzed to see if where the email came from can pose a threat.  
  • You can use Splunk SOAR to automate account monitoring to ensure that threats cannot use flaws to access sensitive information via authorized accounts.  

The Case Management functionality manages cases by allowing you to assign them to any team member, documenting who does what, and even breaking up tasks into phases to manage cases more efficiently. This functionality is built directly into Splunk SOAR and using workbooks; you can code your standard operating procedures so that they are reusable.

The Event Management functionality helps consolidate all events from many different sources into one place so that your security analysts can sort and filter events to determine what may be a credible threat and how to act against it. This is especially helpful when your analysts are overwhelmed with the large volume of security events and may need help to keep track of them when they come in from many different places.

The Mobile Functionality allows all SOAR’s security responses and features to be accessible from a mobile view.   
With Customizable Functions, you can share custom code across playbooks while introducing complex data objects into the execution path, including any extraordinary custom blocks that help you scale your automation with or without coding capabilities. 

With the Splunk SOAR App Editor, you can speed up your app life cycle by creating, editing, and testing apps from one place. Apps need to be constantly installed or updated and can even integrate with third-party security tools, meaning it might be challenging to keep up with all the apps you have that need updating. With this functionality, you can access over 350 pre-made apps that are available immediately and make the app development process faster and easier than ever.

The simplest way to run an action is using a command line, starting with a slash (/) when it prompts you for the desired action.  

You can Configure Third Party Tools right there in Splunk SOAR. You will need to configure assets because they are what you integrate with the Splunk SOAR platform (like firewalls or endpoint products). Splunk SOAR connects to these assets through apps, extending the platform by integrating third-party security products and tools.  


Splunk SOAR stands out against all security response competitors with features designed to simplify your security analyst’s life. Prudent can help you with this fight, with our experienced Splunk consultants working with Splunk SOAR, you will never have to worry about another security threat again! So, what are you waiting for, click here now!  

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