2024 Predictions Convergence of AI

2024 Predictions: Convergence of AI Innovation and Digital Resilience 


Embrace the AI era! Most of us are inspired by technological advancements, particularly in Generative AI, which revolutionizes various aspects of our daily lives, from email composition to customer service. What lies ahead on the immediate horizon? 

We anticipate a plethora of opportunities and a few hurdles stemming from AI. Undoubtedly, AI will have a lasting influence on every aspect and sector of our world. Our experts delve into potential outcomes, aiming to turn some into tangible realities. AI has already made significant strides this year, and its impact is set to deepen in the future. 

How Senior Leaders Prepare Themselves for the AI Era 

Every year, business and technology leaders grapple with myriad operational and regulatory challenges, and 2024 will be no exception. With the rise of AI, new hurdles are expected to emerge. Splunk’s Executive Predictions 2024 delves into how AI will spark a fresh wave of data privacy regulations, leading to a patchwork of regional laws and complexities for companies deploying AI-driven solutions. Governments worldwide enforce stringent resilience requirements, prompting transformations in board priorities and C-suite roles. Technology leaders must adopt best practices and strategies to navigate digital disruptions, relying on AI-powered security and observability tools to navigate this evolving regulatory landscape. In 2024, success will hinge on having the right tools and leadership to navigate any challenges ahead. 

It is anticipated that a future where AI-powered automation and productivity tools revolutionize organizational operations will encompass functions like risk management and compliance. Despite current hesitancy among business leaders to embrace widespread adoption, they are strategizing for the long term, preparing to integrate AI into their business frameworks to stay competitive. 

“We are only scratching the surface of what AI can do for business.” 

– Hao Yang, VP of Artificial Intelligence, Splunk 

AI: The Dual-Edged Sword of Security 

AI’s influence on security will be profound, offering advantages to defenders and attackers. Splunk’s 2024 Security Predictions anticipate that security experts and cyber adversaries will harness AI. CISOs and security teams will leverage AI-driven automation to address skills shortages and enhance their proactive security strategies. Additionally, AI-powered assistants will become increasingly common, aiding in administrative and highly technical duties. 

At the same time, criminals and malicious actors will exploit AI to perpetrate harmful activities such as fraudulent schemes and influence operations. Additionally, AI may reduce the barriers to entry for inexperienced hackers, granting them access to the cyber realm.  

While AI holds potential benefits for numerous organizations, it also introduces new vulnerabilities and attack routes, enabling adversaries to orchestrate novel forms of attacks, from AI-based deception to disinformation campaigns. In the upcoming year, anticipate cybercriminals leveraging AI to produce advanced deep fakes, devise more sophisticated social engineering tactics, and deploy elusive malware. 

“The dreams of today will be the cyber nightmares of tomorrow.” 

– Ryan Kovar, Distinguished Security Strategist and Leader of SURGe, Splunk 

The positive aspect? Identifying and minimizing the consequences of such attacks demands the familiar strategy that security leaders are accustomed to: thorough visibility across their systems, combined with procedures for detecting, responding to, and resolving incidents. 

IT and Engineering Evolution with AI 

As organizations progress in their digital transformation journey, they accumulate and monitor more significant amounts of digital data. This surge in machine data has led to increased processing at the edge for early filtering and analysis. IT and engineering professionals are turning to AI to address the challenge of managing this growing volume of data, particularly for tasks like anomaly detection.  

Some companies have already begun implementing machine learning and AI for anomaly detection, even at the edge. In Splunk’s Observability Predictions 2024, fellow leaders in Splunk’s IT and engineering fields anticipate that AI technologies will revolutionize investigation and automated response processes, paving the way for automated remediation while involving human oversight. 

“Thanks to AI, observability solutions will have to deal with far more variety and volume of data — open standards will become much more important.” 

– Arijit Mukherji, Distinguished Architect, Splunk 

Building Resilience For The Future Begins Now 

The rapid ascent of generative AI has taken many by surprise. Its enduring presence and expanding influence have drawn comparisons from Gartner to transformative technological advancements like the steam engine, electricity, and the internet. Although we’re in the developing phase of adoption, organizations must prepare themselves for an AI-centric future.  

What steps should they take? 

  • Business leaders need to take immediate action to evaluate the advantages of AI for their operations and grasp the anticipated timeline for ROI. 
  • To stay ahead of cyberattacks, security professionals must utilize AI to enhance their organization’s security posture and alleviate labor shortages in cybersecurity. 
  • To meet the needs of security practitioners seeking telemetry data to contextualize security events, solution providers must enhance observability and security interoperability. Integrating observability with security measures will empower organizations to develop and sustain a more robust resilience framework. 

Are you prepared for 2024? We are! 


In conclusion, the rapid advancement of AI technology presents both opportunities and challenges for organizations across various sectors. As we anticipate the transformative impact of AI in the coming years, it is crucial for business leaders to proactively assess its benefits, understand the timeline for ROI, and adapt their operations accordingly. By embracing AI-driven solutions and prioritizing cybersecurity measures, organizations can navigate the evolving landscape with resilience and readiness for the future. 

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