Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, How to Make Sure You Profit from It? 


Nonprofit Cloud for Salesforce is the solution for all your nonprofit needs. Help your nonprofit connect with people who care about your cause. With the Nonprofit Cloud, you can fund, deliver, and measure your Impact on just one platform.   

What can you do with Nonprofit Cloud Enterprise Edition?   

Continue with essential relationships, and make sure that you keep connected with those who believe in you the most.  

Connecting with your team, there are no barriers between you and your clients, so why should there be any barriers between team members?   

Combine all your favorite tools into Salesforce for ease of use and convenience.  

Counteract any cybersecurity threat that may occur by securing data and unlocking insights.  

With the Unlimited Edition, you can do everything an Enterprise system can, including a Full Sandbox, More Storage, Clock Tech Support, 200+ Expert Coaching Sessions, and Guided Onboarding.  

Uniting Programs, Fundraising, Engagement, how to Create a Greater Impact?  

Salesforce believes that technology should bring people and organizations closer together to make sure that critical moments make a significant impact. To do this, Salesforce wants to break down the walls within an organization and any barriers between an organization and the outside world. The Nonprofit Cloud allows for more collaboration with stakeholders and makes it easier to share information and learn from/ use any data.   

Salesforce prioritized delivering robust programs through collaboration, growing fundraising income, learning about a community to develop with it, and measuring and learning from any impact an organization may have.   

Before the Nonprofit Cloud, Salesforce layered nonprofit applications on top of a pre-existing platform rather than allowing users to build directly into the core of Salesforce. Over twenty-plus years, Salesforce has developed over 14 software packages with the Nonprofit Cloud solution anchored by the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP).   

With faster and easier access to nonprofit technology, you and your supporters can measure your organization by Impact. Making sure you spend time driving Impact rather than piecing together data from different systems will drive faster decisions that will help determine what is working and what requires improvement. The new platforms unify programs, fundraising, engagement, and outcomes and give you easier access to innovations that Salesforce comes out with.   

Greater Cross-Sector Impact   

The Nonprofit Cloud includes programs and case management designed to quickly adopt modern technology in different industries. The Salesforce technology is more about getting the job done, including working with your program participants, families, governments, healthcare professionals, and other nonprofits to ensure a more significant impact. Everyone drives impact.   

Salesforce believes in the ‘Power of Us Program’ and the 111 models (giving 1% of equity, product, and employee time back to its communities). The ‘Power of Us’ is a unique initiative designed specifically for nonprofits for several reasons. The program includes the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack, a preconfigured version of Salesforce tailored for nonprofit organizations. It has custom objects, fields, and workflows designed specifically for nonprofit organization needs, such as donor management, volunteer tracking, fundraising, and program management.   

So, How Can You Maximize the Benefits?   

There are many ways to ensure that your org benefits as much as possible, but if you follow these simple steps, you will be a great leap closer to making sure your org unlocks its full potential.  

  1. Before diving into the Nonprofit Cloud, it is essential to make sure a nonprofit has defined clear objectives, such as whether you want to improve donor retention, streamline program management, or enhance volunteer engagement.   
  1. Nonprofit Cloud offers extensive customization options, enabling the platform to meet your organization’s unique requirements. You can customize your needs through data models, fields, and workflows.   
  1. The nonprofit Cloud enables nonprofits to adopt a constituent-centric approach by providing a comprehensive view of donors, volunteers, and program participants. Embrace a constituent-centric approach to gain deeper insights into your constituents’ preferences, behaviors, and engagement history to personalize communications, create targeted campaigns, and forge stronger relationships.   
  1. The nonprofit Cloud offers advantages like donation tracking, how many donors give more than once, and pledge management. By streamlining fundraising efforts, you can put yourself at an advantage in creating reports with increased analytics capabilities.   
  1. With the Nonprofit Cloud’s automation capabilities, you can identify repetitive tasks and manual processes within your organization and leverage automation features like workflows, process builders, and approval processes to automate them. By automating workflows and processes, you can save time and resources.   
  1. Integrate with external systems to ensure smooth data flow between systems to enhance data accuracy, reduce duplication, and improve operational efficiency.   
  1. Finally, updates are constantly being made to the Nonprofit Cloud, so training and educating staff is essential. With Unlimited Edition, Salesforce offers constant training to teach users about the ‘Power of Us’ Hub.  

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack Platform  

The Nonprofit Success Pack is the foundation of the Cloud with powerful fundraising constituent engagement features.  

Get a unified view of data across fundraising, engagement, and programs. See all constituent relationship management on a single platform. Help drive decisions using real-time reports and dashboards.   

What are the features that NPSP offers? Wonder no further.   

Improve constituent connection management and accelerate fundraising by uniting volunteers, donors, and clients in one place. Visualize reports through over 70 industry reports and dashboards to understand performance. Keep track of revenue from supporters and even forecast potential revenue.   

Increase program management through program tracking, which provides a standard framework to track any program or service, no matter how complex. Track individual service deliveries to see how those services connect across the NPSP—segment program users into attributes such as season, class, or funder. Service schedules enable program personnel to offer several versions of the same service while tracking attendance.   

Even marketing is more accessible with personalized content to create segmented communication and pre-built templates to send customized emails with just a few clicks!  

Let us look at the Nonprofits who have Already Benefitted!  

  1. You may have heard of the American Red Cross, one of the largest humanitarian organizations, but did you know they implemented Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud to streamline operations and improve donor management? By utilizing the platform’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) capabilities, they could increase donor engagement, track donations, and personalize communications. With Nonprofit Cloud, the American Red Cross was able to centralize its donor data, increase efficiency, and strengthen its fundraising efforts.   
  1. The National Wildlife Federation has implemented Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud to better track volunteer management efforts. It uses specific features to track volunteer activities, match volunteers with opportunities, and communicate with their volunteer base. Nonprofit Cloud enables NWF to streamline its volunteer program, improve volunteer engagement, and make better use of volunteer resources.   

What are you waiting for?  

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is here to help you with all your nonprofit-specific needs. Find out how to incorporate Nonprofit Cloud into your nonprofit organization. So, what are you waiting for? Contact Prudent right now, to learn more about how to make the most out of your Salesforce Nonprofit needs! 

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