Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence: Know How It Helps Marketing Analytics 


Marketing analytics is the future; it’s learning more about a business’s performance, analyzing data to decide what to do next, and optimizing your time and budget to better connect with customers and grow revenue. 

Good marketing analytics can do wonders for your business, and it can be not easy to get started, overcome common challenges, and begin building an analytical mindset amongst teams. But if you want to do these things, this blog is for you! 

How can Strong Marketing Analytics Practice Help? 

Strong Marketing Analytics is the foundation of any good business strategy. Here’s why. 

You get a complete view of every customer. You need marketing analytics to come into play to assume what your customers are engaging with, but it can be challenging to keep track of everything. In other blogs, we mentioned how marketing analytics keeps track of everything in real-time. Emailing a customer about a product they just purchased isn’t optimizing your use of email marketing or cost-per-click marketing. 

Marketing analytics gives you a unified view by tracking their digital interactions, preferences, and responses to your marketing materials to create more personalized experiences that drive growth. 

You can easily track and witness real-time marketing that impacts growth. 80% of marketers say that their ability to track returns on investment for their marketing strategies could use improvement- that is where marketing analytics will come in, to show physical proof of how a company will increase conversions, revenue, and customer retention. Marketers will also see how marketing improves the customer’s perception of the brand and is tangible proof of marketing’s effect on the company’s growth. 

You get detailed insights on campaign effectiveness as they happen. Marketers use A/B testing to see results live, and marketing analytics helps you evaluate data once a campaign is complete, mainly because there are so many moving parts. Access to real-time data and forecasting helps boost revenue growth and provides insights into anything that may need to be improved. 

You can optimize your channels, thus spending your budget more effectively using analytics to determine whom to show at what time. You can see which channels give you the best ROI and which need improvement. By leveraging this option, you can optimize how much money is spent on each channel to ensure that, for example, someone who has purchased a product is not seeing an ad for the same product again. 

How can Salesforce Marketing Cloud change the face of your Marketing Analytics? 

The Marketing Cloud available on Salesforce is your comprehensive take on marketing analytics. 

Marketing Cloud Intelligence brings all your data together, and using the Connect and Mix feature, you can upload data from any source, including social media: Google AdWords, email, and more. When you can access all the data in one place, you can analyze, measure goals, and make informed decisions with the click of a button. 

The Marketing Cloud helps you improve collaboration across teams by allowing every member of the team to access, share, and build upon the same dashboards. With the built-in Slack integration, you can automatically inform the entire team of changes to reports that need attention to save time. 

With the Marketing Cloud, you can optimize performance with insights that remove all the guesswork. Eliminating the time, it takes to collect, cleanse, and model data for reporting and analysis using automation is the first step to intelligent insights. Using Einstein AI to find critical insights, you can eliminate all the manual grunt work of looking through data individually and create a positive impact on marketing goals. 

Salesforce Tools and Marketing Cloud Intelligence 

Using Salesforce as your primary marketing analytics tool, you can connect to more within the Salesforce environment. Connecting Marketing Cloud to Salesforce Customer 360 will help you get the most out of business intelligence, e-commerce, and engagement reports. 

Tableau, Commerce Cloud, and Marketing Cloud intelligence reports for engagement are tools that can be connected to the Cloud Intelligence environment for even more detailed views. 

By integrating with Tableau, your data will appear as a data source in Tableau Desktop, Cloud, or Server so that you can create custom visualizations of your data. 

With the Commerce Cloud, you can use AI to track everything from setting up the storefront to the profit it makes. The Commerce Cloud benefits those who want to set up success in e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores. 

With Marketing Cloud intelligence reports for engagement, you can improve marketing performance by deepening your view of analytics and unlocking insights across different channels, including email, mobile, and other campaigns performed with simple dashboards. 

Key Integration Capabilities 

To bring your data together, there are three key integration capabilities: 

APIConnect allows you to access the most extensive library of marketing APIs and cloud storage platforms, big data environments, and other popular databases. 

TotalConnect is explicitly built for marketing teams to automate all file-based reporting sources’ ingestion, cleansing, collection, and data model mapping. TotalConnect also uses machine learning, meaning it learns from new activities daily to get smarter. 

LifeConnect simplifies data ingestion and analysis of single data files. It doesn’t require immediate data-model considerations, so it works perfectly for ad hoc analysis and non-marketing sources such as weather, geographic, or sales data. 

For data analysis and reporting, there are three key integration capabilities: 

Data Canvas is a suite of visualization capabilities that combines dashboards with data discovery tools to create visualization for quick analysis and storytelling. 

SamrtLenses are AI-powered on-click dashboards that handle KPI setup and data modeling from different channels. This lets you see the most important metrics and trends to help you make the best business decisions. 

Einstein Marketing Insights analyzes marketing campaigns to reveal any weaknesses in the strategy so that you can capitalize on what’s working and eliminate what is not. 


Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence is a game-changer in the world of marketing analytics. It empowers you to harness the full potential of your data, providing a unified view of all your data to optimize marketing strategy decisions. You can change your marketing strategy with just the click of a button; do this by reaching out to Prudent and learn how Salesforce can help you! 

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