Prudent Salesforce Managed Services : What to know before you hire?

We all know that running a business is hard work. You have finances to consider marketing your company, maintaining a website, and more importantly, customers to support. There is enough on your plate as it is, without having to worry about your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. The great news is, there are plenty of companies out there that provide Managed Services to maintain your platform, so you can focus on the parts that make your company stand out from the rest. But which Managed Services provider should you trust? Clearly, this is a big decision, and you want to ensure you make the right one. Let’s dive a little deeper to better understand what you should consider before signing on the dotted line. 

Do I really need to consider a Salesforce Managed Services solution?

If you feel like you can manage everything from supporting customer issues, tracking customer responses to surveys and interactions with your marketing materials, pursuing leads, and closing new sales deals all on your own and have the energy to do so, day in and day out, then we applaud your efforts! However, the chances may be that your company may be stronger in one area than another. Maybe your company really knocks sales out of the park, but struggles with other areas of Salesforce, and that’s okay. Understanding your areas of weaknesses can allow you to bring in a seasoned professional with years of experience who can pick up the reigns and drive results, utilizing great features that Salesforce offers. Whether you want to maintain an existing implementation, or increase user adoption, Managed Services are right for you! 

What kind of services can be provided with a Salesforce Managed Services Solution?

A company that really knows what they’re doing will offer a range of services to support your business in the Salesforce CRM. They will know how to take advantage of the Sales Cloud to ensure your Accounts and Contacts are properly structured and maintained, your Opportunities are displaying accurately for forecasting in your pipeline and can track deals through the entire life cycle. They can also use declarative and custom solutions using Apex code to ensure you’re set up properly on the back end, so that each of your employees appreciate a smooth experience from start to finish as they navigate through their day. A company worth their salt will understand how to promote sales efficiency through your desired sales process, and how to make the experience mobile friendly for those sales representatives on the go. Perhaps more importantly, they can also provide reporting and dashboards, so that you can see everything that’s going on in your company, and where you can focus your energy next. Also, they can offer experience with specialized tools, such as Salesforce CPQ and Pardot to make your instance more robust. 

What should I look for in a Salesforce Managed Services provider?

Any business can say they are a great Managed Services provider, but there are really a few things to consider before going with just anyone. You should consider a company that has multiple skill sets to maximize value on your investment, and one that can help your company grow with the platform. Real Salesforce Certified Professionals can look at a holistic view and bring together efficient solutions for all your troubled areas. A company that can handle a wide range of issues and has seen it all makes a huge difference in your success on the platform. Remember, your organization will more than likely not be the same in five years as it is now, and you need a versatile partnership that can help you thrive, and not stifle your growth. 

Anything else I should consider?

Here at Prudent Technologies & Consulting, we have a team of Salesforce Certified professionals ready to help your business today! Wherever you are in the Salesforce life cycle, we have specialists on hand and eager to assist: 

      • Configuration Specialists 

      • Salesforce Administrators 

      • Data Migration Specialists 

      • Analytics Resources 

      • Integration Specialists 

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