Optimizing Mobile Workforce using Salesforce Field Service Lightning

In everyday business operations, it seems like managing a room full of giant supercomputers are much easier than managing a mobile field service crew. 

At least you know where the supercomputers are 100% of the time. Perhaps this sounds like an HR issue but what we’re referring to here is called Field Service Management. 

Imagine having booked an appointment for microwave service, and the field technician arrives on the exact date and time as expected, with the right tools, and completes the job in the first visit. 

Well, this is what companies have been aiming to deliver over the past few decades of the so-called Customer Service Era. Organizations are keenly focused on optimizing their field service operations because ultimately, post-sale service and support has as big impact on organization’s brand reputation as the pre-sale marketing and sales experience for both B2B and B2C business models. 

Challenges in Field Service Management

Delivering delightful field service is a challenging task for a variety of reasons. Inaccurate scheduling, poor inventory management, inefficient resource management, are a few to name, that lead to higher service costs and lower productivity among the field technicians. 

This ultimately results in lower customer satisfaction and brand damage. But the common denominator here is antiquated, disconnected Field Service Management processes and systems. 

On the other hand, an Effective Customer Service contributes to sales and service chain and better brand awareness and reputation. 

Optimized Field Service Management

In large enterprises where the mobile workforce plays a key role in delivering customer service, there is an untapped potential, when it comes to optimization of creating schedules, managing tasks, and handling service requests. 

Field operations such as scheduling service appointments, assigning field technicians, dispatching field equipment, coordinating delivery schedules, tracking vehicle locations, inventory stock management, raising service requests, and updating workorders in real-time, among others, are automated using a single integration software solution. 

In 2016, Salesforce launched Field Service Lightning (FSL) aimed at streamlining the job operations of field service workers such as elevator technicians, cable repair mechanics, appliance service engineers, and many others.

Field Service Lightning 

In 2016, Salesforce launched Field Service Lightning (FSL) aimed at streamlining the job operations of field service workers such as elevator technicians, cable repair mechanics, appliance service engineers, and many others. 

Field Service Lightning is designed to provide a fully integrated end-to-end solution that is specifically designed to accommodate day-to-day tasks of onsite/field service personnel. 

FSL is empowering organizations to deliver a world-class field service experience to their customers. The software has been launched with all major industries in mind, including healthcare, telecommunications, technology, and others.

Key Features of Field Service Lightning

360-Degree View

FSL software provides a 360-degree view of customers to the entire mobile workforce -agents, dispatchers, technicians, and managers for a clear understanding of the complete case context before delivering service. 

Crew Scheduling

If you are an elevator company dealing with a huge number of installations/service requests across specific geography, FSL is the right choice. It enables easy crew assignment based on skill level and expertise to suit specific service/repair requirements, to get the job done immediately. 

Return Order Scheduling

Customers can initiate a return request from the company’s website, or the field technicians can create their online return requests using FSL, making way for seamless return process. 

Service Reports

FSL generates detailed service reports summarizing the asset history, the customer information, issue/resolution history, and field service visits under respective customer accounts. 

Appointment Management

This feature empowers customers to schedule/book appointments at their convenience using the Scheduling interface on the company’s website. 

Dispatcher Console

As the main control center for dispatchers, Dispatcher Console includes Gantt charts for appointment tracking and a dynamic map with active team members and other assets. 

It can be customized to add custom actions to each dispatcher, including perform, sort, filter, and modify on selected appointments, resource lists, schedule views, and more. 

Salesforce Field Service Lightning Mobile Application is highly customizable and helps organizations deliver first-class customer service, making the lives of mobile workers and customers easy. 

It is an all-encompassing tool for managers, field service technicians, and mobile workers on the go! 

Want to get started with the Salesforce Field Service Lightning in your organization? Trying to understand when to set it up properly? We at Prudent empower clients help their customers experience outstanding performance from start to end, providing them with high level of visibility and reporting. Interested? Reach out to us at business@prudentconsulting.com

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