Boosting Customer Service & Operational Efficiencies with Artificial Intelligence

In any business environment, clients expect a faster resolution for issues that arise with the products and services you sell. 

From generating an errant invoice to shorting an order for materials, details matter. And simple errors can have a devastating effect on a customer’s brand, reputation, and profitability. 

So, let’s say you sell an operational software of some kind, and your software is not plug and play, as it requires a significant level of customization to meet your customer’s needs. Here are a few of the possible challenges your service agents might face in providing a faster resolution during support calls: 

      • Limited access to customer information with individual customization features 

        • Non-availability of customer database with request history for quick trouble shooting  

        • Zero correlation of repeat calls/tickets to quickly address recurring issues. 

      All the above issues affect first call resolution (FCA) targets. 

      CRM is the solution to overcome all the above challenges. Here’s why!

      CRM adoption provides companies the ability to integrate all service processes in one enterprise-wide business platform. This allows customer service organizations to interact with customers on a one-on-one basis, which improves their experience and makes them satisfied customers. Happy customers are those who separate good companies from great ones. That is why companies of all sizes are moving to Salesforce’s cloud-based CRM, to improve customer experience. 

      Customer Service is the backbone of every business – regardless of size. From leads to executed contracts, each phase of the customer experience is critically important to every business. Innovative customer service through advanced digital engagement are helping companies of all sizes improve customer experiences, and yes, helping them go from good to great.

      Why Salesforce?

      Salesforce Service Cloud needs no introduction as the best platform available in the market; however, what dominates the discussion is how Salesforce Service Cloud has evolved from a customer service desk platform to a Smart, Al-powered Customer Support Analytics portal – the all-new Service Cloud Einstein. With the introduction of Al capabilities and Einstein bots, Service Cloud empowers agents and customers with automated guided processes. 

      Salesforce Service Cloud Einstein provides the flexibility to choose your customer service goals and streamline your systems/processes to attain these objectives. With advanced Al capabilities, Salesforce Service Cloud allows you to get a 360-degree customer view to facilitate omnichannel customer service efforts. 

      Features of Einstein-powered Salesforce Service Cloud:

      Service Cloud Einstein also features a connected ecosystem for all your customer service needs, eliminating the need for different digital silos. It includes Accounts, Contacts, Cases, and Solutions; as well as Knowledge Base, Self Service, Customer Service Automation, and much more for end-to-end case management. Some of the widely used features include, but are not limited to: 

      Einstein Bots: featured for accurate case assignment and instant customer service. Bots use Machine Learning to deliver intelligent recommendations, automate service request routing, and gather basic customer information. Bots also save operational costs as their involvement in customer interactions could help free up agent’s time and enables accurate case handoffs to the agents.

      Einstein Next Best Action: Leveraging rule-based predictive models to deliver context-based recommendations and predictive insights for agents during customer interactions. This enables faster case resolution times and increases upsell opportunities for the customer service desk. 

      Lightning Flow for Service: Enabling developers to record custom workflows using Salesforce automation process tools (Process Builder), Guided Action List objects/components and other APIs. This helps empower agents in delivering excellent customer service through guided service processes, agent workflows, and self-service interactions. 

      Salesforce Service Cloud Einstein paves way to effective Customer Service

      Artificial Intelligence alone cannot drive customer success which is why Salesforce Service Cloud Einstein brings together CRM data, guided processes, and Al to create seamless customer experiences. This groundbreaking technology that brings bots and human agents under one roof enables faster message times and lower operational costs, transforming the face of customer service altogether. 

      One great advantage a centralized cloud-based ecosystem offers is the ability to address any gaps associated with finding customer data. This helps eliminate service delays and offers a more holistic approach to manage your growing service-based business. 

      As a customer service application, built on a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model, Service Cloud helps maintain the consistency in the customer service workflows through planning and collaborated efforts. Salesforce Service Cloud ensures the entire customer data is linked throughout the business periphery. This helps create a structured operational process with low operational costs, high ROIs and better customer success stories to tell! 

      Salesforce Implementation – Our Approach:

      Whether you are new to the world of Salesforce, or planning to upgrade your systems, implementing Salesforce for maximum throughput requires expertise. Some of the best practices are listed as below. 

          • Understand specific business goals to define a custom Salesforce Implementation plan. 

          • Create an Initialization and Setup strategy with a focus on data security, user profiles, and workflow definition. 

            • Outline the data migration (as needed) and deployment plan to ensure constant user support. 

            • Articulate the business requirement for data reporting, sharing, and custom dashboards. 

            • Ensure scalability and flexibility for future upgrades. 

          As a Salesforce Professional Services Partner, our team can architect, configure, and implement solutions across the entire suite of Salesforce products.  

          Interested in Service Cloud Einstein or any other Salesforce products? we would welcome the opportunity to discuss options with you. Get in touch with a Prudent expert today for a hassle-free Salesforce implementation!

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