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Integrations & Migrations

If you’ve recently acquired a company or been involved in a huge business merger, Salesforce Data Migration is the best way to keep your business operations streamline in a quick and hassle-free manner. Salesforce Migrations within the same architecture are easier and seamless; however, they can be tricky if not performed under expert supervision.

Salesforce Migrations

In most cases, migrations into existing Salesforce instances can cause unexpected behaviour post-migration owing to poor data mapping or improper migration.

How Can We Help?


As Salesforce experts, Prudents team of consultants can help execute the entire process of data migration at high accuracy and precision with zero scope of data loss.


Post review of active workflows & triggers, Data Migration begins with a thorough understanding of field, object and component-level mapping in order to execute a seamless data import/export.


We follow a standard protocol that involves strategic planning, backup, data migration and testing depending on the complexity of the source and destination databases.

Salesforce Cloud Migrations

Whether you need a turnkey data migration solution or a complete migration consultation service, Prudent’s team of experts can help. Migration to the cloud calls for careful planning and execution, backed by a team of experts with several years of Industry experience.

How can we help?


From small and mid-size clients to enterprise-level cloud migrations, Prudent delivers excellent migration management, maintenance and support throughout the process.


From migrating your enterprise workloads to optimizing your data for cloud environments, Prudent designs an excellent migration strategy thats faster, hassle-free and secure.

Salesforce Integrations

Despite being a complete, enterprise-level CRM solution, Salesforce integrates with other smaller, non-Salesforce application in your organization for enhanced user experience and seamless business operations. Salesforce provides the flexibility to integrate with several disparate systems such as external data sources (ERPs, Supply Chain, Customer Service, HR and more) as well as data existing on other cloud platforms, databases or applications such as NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, SAP using robust APIs that enhance the entire integration process.

How can we help?


At Prudent, we deliver high-level Salesforce Integration services to cater to cost-savings, easy accessibility and integration across your data assets.


We strategize and execute Salesforce Integrations with an aim to enhance operational productivity, improve process efficiency and automate workflows.

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